Homeopathy Awareness week 10-16th April

The “Why” of why would you choose homeopathy alongside or even over synthetic drugs?

Is it because homeopathy doesn’t cause any side effects, unlike so many other medications?

And, further more, it can help to alleviate any side effects you are experiencing NOW?

Is it because homeopathy is natural and non toxic?

It won’t overstrain your kidneys or your liver, and your body will not develop a dependency to it?

Is it because it works with your whole body, helping it to regain balance to the point where no more treatment is necessary instead of adding more stress to the system with a vision of lifetime on drugs?

Is it because it’s so safe it can be used in little babies, pregnant or nursing women and patients undergoing chemotherapy alike?

Or is it because it seems to work when other treatments have failed?

Why did you choose homeopathy?

If you’d like your story heard and shared with others, please get in touch.

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