Homeopathy Awareness week 10-16th April

The "Why" of why would you choose homeopathy alongside or even over synthetic drugs? Is it because homeopathy doesn't cause any side effects, unlike so many other medications? And, further more, it can help to alleviate any side effects you are experiencing NOW? Is it because homeopathy is natural and non toxic? It won't overstrain … Continue reading Homeopathy Awareness week 10-16th April

Got Blues? Or Blood Sugar Crash?

A person's blood sugar level is basically the amount of glucose present in their blood at any given time. You might be wondering why anyone would need to know this? Well, keeping your blood sugar balanced is one of the most important factors in maintaining good health - in particular when it comes to energy … Continue reading Got Blues? Or Blood Sugar Crash?


Most people, especially women, recognise that uncomfortable feeling when their stomach suddenly swells up like a balloon, often accompanied by stomach pain and wind. This may be triggered by eating the wrong kinds of food, stress or a number of other factors. Stomach bloating is actually a very common condition, which affects around 1 in … Continue reading Bloated?