Montmorency Cherry – what’s so good about it?

About Montmorency cherries Montmorency cherries are a variety of tart cherry called "Prunus Cerasus". They are part of the light red amarelle cultivar of sour cherries, in contrast to the dark red Morello cultivar. They grow mainly in the United States (over 70%), but can also be found in Canada and France. Traditionally used in … Continue reading Montmorency Cherry – what’s so good about it?

Thinking of going dairy-free?

The trouble with dairy It seems to be more and more common to hear that someone has a dairy allergy, lactose intolerance or has simply chosen to cut dairy out of their diet. Why is this? While milk has traditionally been a mainstay of the British diet (with the UK consuming as much as 40% … Continue reading Thinking of going dairy-free?