Homeopathy Awareness week 10-16th April

The "Why" of why would you choose homeopathy alongside or even over synthetic drugs? Is it because homeopathy doesn't cause any side effects, unlike so many other medications? And, further more, it can help to alleviate any side effects you are experiencing NOW? Is it because homeopathy is natural and non toxic? It won't overstrain … Continue reading Homeopathy Awareness week 10-16th April

What about Mental Health?

The truth is that nobody has come to this world with a full set of copying skills. This is something we all pick up on our journey of life. So next time you look at someone and think that they 'have it good' for whatever reason, don't be so quick to make this assumption. Most of us have learnt by now how to hide our doubts and fears.Another truth is: we are all suffering.  There is not a person in this world who wouldn't carry doubt, fear, sadness or grief in their hearts at some point in their lives... and it's okay. What is not okay is making it sound like some sort of phenomenon... or making people feel isolated because, all of a sudden, they don't fit the mould anymore.